Monday, January 14, 2008

Local PBS

Anyone can visit KNME TV and view some really great videos about New Mexico. Among them are Villa de Albuquerque, The Sandias (a documentary by Mike Smith of My Strange New Mexico) and From Curandera to Chupacabra.

I have spoke of The Sandias on one of my other blogs and The Sandias are an inescapable part of New Mexico, but so is Rudolfo Anaya. I have often wondered how people from out of state feel about Anaya's books. I know they are sold all over the world and yet I find it hard to imagine how anyone who is not from NM could quite understand them. They must seem very surreal with La Llorona, Chupacabra, Curanderas and all forms of myths and legends woven into a novel. Yet, that is New Mexico. Not all the time, but in those walks by the river or in the desert, in those quiet moments. Rudolfo is God like. He can take those stories that all New Mexicans must have heard as children and weave them into a novel that makes perfect and totally logical sense in the real world. Bless him!


ericswan said...

That's not fair Lesley. No region on the entire planet has more wingnuts and assclowns all in one place. hehe..

Anonymous said...

I'm from NM and now live in Louisana and it's like being on a diffrent planet.
There's no place like NM and I have every intention of getting back there. I miss my UFOs'!

Lesley said...

Hi Marioam,

I hope you make it back soon. Louisiana is awfully humid for someone from NM.