Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aztec to be part of upcoming Disney movie

AZTEC — If Hollywood is like another planet, the Aztec UFO Symposium should fit in perfectly.

The two solar systems will collide when art and logos from the symposium appear on sets of the upcoming Disney remake "Witch Mountain."

"(Aztec) will have a big footprint," Los Angeles-based set decorator Kara Lindstrom said. Slated for a 2009 release, the movie features an alien brother and sister searching Earth for something that will save their planet while avoiding men who would exploit their powers.

In one scene, the pair, who look human, go to a UFO convention in Las Vegas, Nev., and end up on the run. One of the convention booths will be from the Aztec UFO Symposium.

Though it will be one of about 45 booths from UFO powerhouse cities like Roswell and Laughlin, Nev., Lindstrom said Aztec's booth will be two or three times as large as the others.

"They have a lot of art work and a lot of really good stuff," Lindstrom said. "Most conventions are not that visually interesting."

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Aztec to be part of upcoming Disney movie - Farmington Daily Times

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