Saturday, February 2, 2008

True Story

Not paranormal, just weird.

Years ago, my sister Debi sat in her house, relaxing and watching X-Files. That is the part that always made this story incredibly funny to me, she was watching X-Files. As she was watching she could hear a helicopter, which no doubt at first she just ignored, but it kept getting louder and finally got to the point where she was sure it was going to crash into her house. She ran outside to have a look and there, probably not more than a hundred feet or so above the street in front of her house was a helicopter, just hovering there and shining a spotlight down. It wasn't only her who witnessed this, it brought all the neighbors out in their yards too. It was also no ordinary helicopter, it had several satellite dishes attached to it on the outside. Actually what she said was that it had satellite dishes all over it. No markings that she could see. It stayed in that general area for 10 -15 minutes, shining a spotlight down as though it were searching for something.

I live near Kirtland, but my sister lived in what was practically their backyard. So I have no doubt as to where this helicopter came from. I wonder what the hell it was doing and also why it was covered in satellite dishes? I have searched the internet for any information on such helicopters (covered in satellites) and except for them occasionally being mentioned as showing up after a UFO encounter I have found nothing. It certainly seems strange to me that such an operation would go on over a crowded neighborhood during prime time, but I know my sister wasn't lying about it.

Anyhow, I have no answers for this one, but I was hoping someone out there does. If you do, please leave a comment or email me.

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