Saturday, February 16, 2008

UFO at Roswell - Sgt. Earl Fulford. - A new credible 'debris field' witness comes forward

Even more Roswell alien/ufo news. Assuming Sgt. Fulford is telling the truth, it would be impossible for a balloon to crash to earth and rip apart leaving only straight edges.

Now a seasoned 82 year-old veteran, - Sgt. Fulford was an original witness who was researched by Thomas J Carey and Donald R Schmitt for their ground-breaking book -
'Witness To Roswell'. Tom Carey was good enough to hook Sgt. Fulford up with the Open Minds Research Team - who have now interviewed this vital Roswell witness and produced an exclusive audio account compiled from hours of candid conversations on the subject of the Roswell crash - in particular, Sgt. Fulford's deployment into the 'debris field'. In this amazing audio - we learn of entirely new evidence. Descriptions of the 'memory material'. How it felt. How it behaved and how it looked. Sgt. Fulford is clear about one thing - the material he saw all had "geometric shapes". There were no tears, splits or jagged edges - all the material had completely straight edges. This is important information - not only does this show that the material was not 'balloon material' or 'mylar' (not invented then) - but there is an intriguing aspect to the material having 'geometric shapes' ( "there were no curved edges") - does this suggest something about the inherent nature and structure of the strange material itself?
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