Sunday, March 23, 2008

Old Albuquerque Photos, 2

That first photo is of my mother. My grandparents first moved to Albuquerque around 1947 and I will guess that is when the photo was taken because they are still living in the airstream that they moved out here in from KY. As many people back then, they moved here because my grandfather had TB. Moving here did work and he didn't die of TB. Probably my mom was visiting from college at that time. She is so fashionable in that photo! I wouldn't be caught dead in a fur coat, but I do realize it was probably the height of fashion back then.

I am not sure where the second photo was taken. Probably the Sandia Mts, but I can't be totally sure. I also don't know who that man is, not my grandfather from what I can tell.


Regan Lee said...

I enjoyed those photos Lesley. What a nice idea. I've always liked Air Stream trailers; there's an Air Stream sales lot about a mile from my house. Every time I drive by there I think: "Ah, I'll buy one, shove the cats in, and travel the world."

Lesley said...

I love air streams and any type of RV. I keep trying to convince Britton how fun it would be to have one, but so far I haven't managed to do it.