Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Mexico Mini-Dinos

The dinosaurs are dead. They died millions of years ago.

Most everyone knows this. And yet, those dead dinosaurs have a peculiar way of popping up in modern times where they’re not supposed to.

People report sightings of creatures that bear strong resemblances to plesiosaurs in lakes from Loch Ness to Patagonia. Natives in the dense swamps of Africa fear Mokele-mbembe, which has popularly been accepted by cryptozoologists as a surviving sauropod. Flying reptiles like Pterosaurs are glimpsed in the skies above New Guinea, Africa, and even Texas and New Mexico.

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New Mexico Mini-Dinos - Roswell Edition - My Strange New Mexico


Camella said...

I absolutely love John LeMay's columns. And I really think he's just hitting his stride, just locking into a voice that's really his own, really working for him.

This one made me laugh out loud, and is one of my favorites of his yet.

Great website you have here, Lesley! Thanks for linking to I'm having the site redesigned to accommodate multiple writers--would you ever consider writing a monthly (or weekly, or bi-weekly, or whatever) New Mexico UFO column for it? I can't imagine strange New Mexico without you.

--Mike Smith

Lesley said...

Hey Mike! Haven't heard from you in ages. Have you been busy writing that new book? When do I get my copy? :-)

Heck, I could probably fit in a monthly column. I have had others ask, but for you I would do it. I wonder how many NM UFO related stories I can come up with? Probably a lot.

Lesley said...

BTW, John is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lesley--

Yay! Expect to hear from me in a month or two about the possibility of such a column. You would totally class up my site, and of course your work would remain your intellectual property--to compile and publish, post on your other sites, et cetera. (And if you were interested in compiling and publishing them, I'd be glad to help you find a publisher.)

I'm so glad you like the Roswell Edition, too. Did you know John LeMay is working on a history book about Roswell right now, including chapters on the Roswell Incident? It's going to be awesome, and should come out later this year. Arcadia Publishing is releasing it at the same time as a collection of historic Roswell postcards, also compiled by John.

You're right, it has been too long since we talked. I've been insanely busy, with various writing projects, real life, school, et cetera, but things I think are finally getting a bit saner--or I'm just learning to need less sleep.

I hope you're doing great; I really like your new site. (I finally added a link to it from MSNM.)