Thursday, April 3, 2008

Police arrest man in lecture attack

Not so enchanting news from the land of Enchantment. I adore Rupert Sheldrake and have no clue why anyone would want to stab him. Obviously the guy is very disturbed if he is hearing voices and seeing demons.

An Englishman speaking on "thought transference" during an international conference at La Fonda on Wednesday was stabbed in the leg by a Japanese man who seemed upset by his remarks, witnesses said.

Rupert Sheldrake of London was sitting up and alert as medics took him on a gurney to an ambulance outside Santa Fe's historic hotel at the southeast corner of the Plaza. Asked if he was OK, Sheldrake smiled and responded, "I hope so."

Hirano Kazuki, 33, of Yokohama, Japan, spent Wednesday night in jail after he was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and assault with intent to commit a violent felony. He provided no resistance as officers led him in handcuffs from the hotel.

Hirano had been attending the 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness. Other attendees said he had been acting oddly. They said he confronted Sheldrake earlier this week, telling him he heard voices and saw demons. Another featured speaker at the conference told the man he was "full of negative energy" and counseled him to "calm down," said Evan Mecham, an attendee from Broomfield, Colo.

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