Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roswell theme park up in the air

The future of Roswell’s planned alien theme park is now up in the air.

Last year the state agreed to shell out more than $240,000 toward the alien amusement park. But the state pulled out once it realized the city wouldn't be in charge of the park.

Roswell’s mayor now hopes a private investor will step in to make it happen.

"We're absolutely still for it. If an investor came in or if Disneyland or Six Flags came in and wanted to put a theme park in Roswell, let me assure you, we would absolutely be working with them to accomplish that," said Roswell Mayor Sam LaGrone.

The park’s creator says he still wants to build the park, and said he is also looking for private investors.

Officials say the park will not open until 2012, if it opens at all.

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No real surprise there I had a feeling something like that would happen.

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