Thursday, May 1, 2008


There really aren't many pages about the area I live in, except for real estate related ones. The only page that actually had some history on it was Holy Child Parish. This is what is says -

Although 24 families had settled at Carnuel in 1819 (originally formed as the village of San Miguel de Laredo in 1763), by 1880 there were only 10 families remaining. Apache Indian raids and a lack of water forced most of the population to gravitate to Albuquerque or San Antonio. Two chapels were built in Carnuel in the 1890s. A private chapel was built by Domingo Garcia to house the statue of San Miguel de Laredo, the village’s patron saint. It was torn down in the 1960s. Carnuel’s community church, Santo Niño, was built in 1898 at the west end of Carnuel, on land donated by Roman and Petra Herrera. The original stone church was enlarged with stone and adobe, then in the 1960s it was torn down and a larger church was built. In 1932 Father Libertine erected the large white cross on the hill across the freeway from the church. Father’s idea was to encourage travelers through the canyon to stop and meditate. Prior to construction of the Interstate, a religious procession walked from the church to the cross on the hill. Carnuel celebrates a San Miguel fiesta in September, and on May 3, a Triumph of the Cross fiesta together with the fiesta of Santo Niño.

They forget to mention that the processions were stopped after the interstate was built only after a couple people were hit by cars and killed.

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