Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Mysterious Entity That Scared Investigators

The Mysterious Entity That Scared Investigators

Was it the Lizard Man?

By Brent Raynes

My Reality Checking assignment this issue involved covering the fascinating stories of an Apache medicine woman from New Mexico, who grew up in the San Luis Valley region of Colorado, an area well-known in ufology for having lots of UFO activity and paranormal high-strangeness over the years. Back in March 1970, my friend Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, known today by many as a serious investigator of the cattle mutilation phenomenon and the editor of the publication Stigmata, became deeply involved in investigating the mutilation of a horse in Alamosa, Colorado. He and several college friends visited the region and conducted first-hand interviews of witnesses. The San Luis Valley turned out to be a proverbial hot bed of activity. Tom and I, along with one of his associates named Stan Ferguson, shared a fairly extensive correspondence at the time. Tom and his colleagues continued to make periodic field trips to the region gathering a fascinating collection of eyewitness testimony.

On one of those field trips, researchers Stan Ferguson, Gary M., and Charles C. (full names withheld but on file) underwent an unusual and frightening experience in Alamosa Colorado, on the night of May 23, 1971, in a small cabin owned by Mrs. Berle Lewis (of the famous Snippy incident, involving an apparently mutilated horse) who allowed the young men to use the cabin during their stay in the region.

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