Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rio Grande Valley Highland Games & Celtic Festival

It seemed sunny enough when we left home and when we arrived at the Celtic Fest. I wore a cute sleeveless peasant blouse.

Shortly after arriving storm clouds began to brew and not just between the Irish and English.

Within a few moments it was pouring rain, whipping wind and way too cold for a sleeveless blouse. Luckily there was this Guinness sweatshirt available for quick purchase. Not sure what that bump on my face is, but it isn't there now.

It didn't stop people for lining up for traditional food.

After checking out the menu I headed to a tent with local food such as burritos. At least there was no haggis this year, the mere thought of that makes me no longer hungry.

There were celtic bands playing throughout the day and as always there were lots and lots of pipers and drummers.

These are my guys and gals! Yeah, the local High Desert Pipes and Drums. Sadly they came in second this year, losing to the pipers from Denver. It was very sad since in 1999 they won the world championship in Scotland for their class (4b). I guess everyone has an off day.

The rain, wind and chill didn't matter much. There were a few wimps that left, but for the rest of us, as long as the Guinness held out (which it did) all was well.

Kudos to my favorite pub, O'Niell's, which is always a great sponsor and supporter of this event and everyone who put time and effort into it!

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barkfoot said...

You can't beat a good Haggis. Good, wholesome food that'll build you up big and strong!
Now look, you've made me hungry...