Monday, June 30, 2008

Final (?) 2008 Festival Schedule

Greetings from Sunny Roswell New Mexico!

Thanks once again for your interest in visiting Roswell New Mexico. The City of Roswell, The International UFO Museum, and other parties have a ton of events planned for your enjoyment and edification this year.

This website has done it's best to consolidate all of the events going on this coming weekend for you into into one comprehensive schedule, and it's available for printout now. I would recommend printing one now, as well as when you're leaving in case more changes are made between now and July 3rd, the official start of the Roswell UFO Festival.

You'll see the schedule is organized simply by time and date, with links to official websites and event sponsors, to best help you decide where to be when... Many events are free, while others have a cost associated with them. Please be sure and visit all links posted for full details.

Just click "SCHEDULE of EVENTS" at

Please be sure to drop by the Roswell Convention & Visitors Center (912 North Main) and look for our booth and say hi!

See you here!
Guy Malone

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