Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike Smith

A Temporary Hiatus - The Daily Strange - My Strange New Mexico

I see in the daily strange that Mike Smith is busy writing a book called Sandia Mountain Settlements.

Woohoo! I am hoping that includes my area. Mike's Towns of the Sandia Mountains was really great, but mostly only photos and I am hoping for some historic tales. Am I never satisfied? Probably not. However, I did once hear from a neighbor that this particular area was once an Indian camp that the natives used to raid the Spanish in Albuquerque. I would like someone to confirm that because my search for native battle implements has come up dry.

I think everyone probably knows that I love New Mexico, but I especially love where I live. I live in what is often called just "the canyon," rather than what is considered the actual mountains by most. Personally I think the canyon is a great place, it is only a couple minutes of driving to get to Albuquerque and doesn't get nearly as much snow as "the mountains." You can also drive to "the mountains" in just a few minutes.

Did I mention that the canyon has an esoteric vortex? No, I didn't. I will save that for some other day.

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