Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Farewell to the Roswell Fest until next year!

Roswell really took over the blog the last week or so. As it must be, Roswell is the BIG esoteric event of the year here in NM.

I still hold out hope that some day there will be a big UFO event here in Albuquerque. Since I am on that subject let me hint to MUFON that it would be a great city to host next years MUFON convention. We have a convenient airport (unlike Roswell or Aztec), sunshine (most of the time), lots of hotels, great food, native culture, museums and a view of the lovely mountains from anywhere in town. Also, Albuquerque has it's own UFO lore relating to Manzano Mt. and base. So why not Albuquerque?

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