Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hot Stuff

I am hoping we have plenty of jalapenos in the state that didn't come from Mexico. Otherwise that could cause us to declare a state emergency.

Having been to other parts of the country, like the midwest, I doubt that people understand what a big crisis being with jalapenos would be for New Mexicans. I doubt they also realize just how much spicy food we consume. Right now in my house there is a freezer packed with green chili, at least 3 jars of salsa and several jars of red chili sauce in the cabinet, 2 containers of jalapeno and pecan pesto in the fridge, dried red chili powder and probably a bunch of stuff I am forgetting.

I can't speak for all New Mexicans, but my love of spicy hot stuff isn't limited to New Mexican food. I also love curry, any asian dish with peppers or hot mustard, Cajun hot stuff -- you get it, anything hot.


Natalie said...

I think the rains/floods are going to have a greater effect on our chili's. I can hardly wait to go to the grower's market and get some freshly roasted goodness. I'm just hopin', like the cost of gas, it's not going to cost me my other arm and leg.

Lesley said...

I hope are chili's are safe. I must have roasted chili even if it costs an arm and a leg. Whatever the price I bet it is still cheaper than gas. Maybe someone should invent a car that runs on chili?