Saturday, July 5, 2008

Roswell 2008 Day 1

Yesterday afternoon, highway 40 east outside of Albuquerque was hit with a thunderstorm so violent that the natives were pulling off to the side with their emergency lights flashing. I put on the blinkers and kept going, using the lights of other daredevils ahead of us to navigate through the driving rain. The windshield wipers were a blur, but did no good, as if someone was pouring a continuous bucket of water over us. Lighting strikes were so close they shook the car. Here was something we don’t get back at home. I did not stop to buy fireworks as the passing parade of billboards suggested, and was sorry for it later, since I’m an unrepentant pyro.

All of the speakers for the City of Roswell’s convention (called “Contact: The Evidence…The Message” are staying at the Best Western Sally Port Inn about two blocks from the lecture hall. The talks are set up in a 1200-seat theater, with a 15-foot high screen for the powerpoint feed. I’m prepared to feel like Charles Foster Kane or at least Steve Jobs at a corporate love-fest for my lecture tomorrow.

Sounds like Greg is having a blast in Roswell! Continue reading --
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