Saturday, September 20, 2008

UFO Research Team Witnesses Green Fireball Over Cuba New Mexico!

Last night a report came in from the research team of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey:

Currently the Ramsey's are on a research trip for their upcoming book on the "The Aztec UFO Crash"; they've gone back to the "Four Corners area of New Mexico," specifically in the little town of Cuba (as of last night).

According to Scott, while turning around in a parking lot, he noticed something in his peripheral vision on the horizon; as he stopped to get a better look at this object thinking it might be an aircraft of some sort, he motioned for Suzanne to look in the direction of the oncoming object; as the pair watched the object's color became apparent, and he described it as a "green orb." He said it flew past their position at what seemed to be a low altitude, and on a level trajectory.

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