Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New Sheriffs in Town—Is it all True Series #55

I can neither confirm nor deny that I am a member of this group, or even if the group exists. :-)

Rumor has it that a new group has formed. The group is calling itself the MJ-7, and it came together about two weeks ago. Its members all reside in New Mexico, the state where the modern of era of UFOs began. (Of course, if he were still alive), Kenneth Arnold may challenge that with his flying saucer sightings in the Washington Cascades in June 1947.)

It is said that the mission of MJ-7 is to seek out the truth and expose disinformation about UFOs and everything that is connected to this phenomena. I personally feel that this strange and powerful subject touches all aspects of our lives. The connection is profound and needs serious investigation, and MJ-7 is up for the challenge. These truth warriors will remain un-named until full disclosure is accomplished.

The New Sheriffs in Town—Is it all True Series #55 @ Truth Seeker Forum

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