Monday, November 3, 2008

Some photos of my Halloween visit to the old graveyard

As you can probably tell they do not seem to do any upkeep on the old part of the cemetery.

All the graves seem to be prior to the late 1940s with many from the 1800s. I found it odd that some up the graves were decorated (obviously fairly recently) with flowers and other tokens. The second photo (click on it to enlarge) is a child's grave. It has the year as 88 and I assume that is 1888 since I am pretty sure they were not still selling lots in that yard in 1988. It was very decorated and even had messages of love written with markers on the stones. It wasn't the only one though there were many old graves from even the 1800s that were decorated with flowers and other items.

Then there were the creepy holes that made it look like some people had managed to escape their graves. :-)

I didn't really get any ghostly photos. The bottom one does have a small blue orb, but no ghostly figures showed up in my photos.

I wondered about W.O.W. which is on the tombstone of the tree stump with the blue orb -- it took a bit of looking because World of Warcraft sites kept popping up, but I now know what W.O.W. is thanks to this page.

You can find more of my cemetery photos at my flickr page.

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