Friday, December 5, 2008

Albuquerque Magazine -- A suggestion

I absolutely love Albuquerque Magazine! I buy almost every issue and probably should just subscribe. My favorite issues are the best of, especially the ones that include restaurants. However, I always find myself a bit disappointed because it seems like over 85% of places in the best of issues are always in the Nob Hill area or somewhere even further from my house. Maybe most readers live in those areas and so vote for those establishments more? I am not that far from Nob Hill (15 - 25 minutes depending on traffic), but I normally am too lazy to drive down there.

So here is my suggestion for Albuquerque Magazine -- how about some best of issues that concentrate on specific areas? Like the heights, west side, east mountains, far north and so on. The entire issue wouldn't have to be about that area, but surely a few pages could be devoted to the best of a certain area of town.

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