Friday, December 12, 2008

Underground atomic explosion (1967) near Dulce, New Mexico

From Norio Hayakawa

Here is something that few people are aware of today - that an underground atomic explosion took place on December 10, 1967 near Dulce, New Mexico.
Atomic explosion site near Dulce, New Mexico

I had a chance to visit ground zero of that site last year. A friend of mine (Jicarilla Apache resident of Dulce...he is the son of a former Dulce official) took me there. It was quite interesting. It is located about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.

If you do a google search on Project Gasbuggy you can get mmore information on this interesting item.

However, some people today question what the real motive was behind that experiment. Was it simply to ease the flow of natural gas in that area?

Anyway, I just thought that this was interesting, especially in light of the coming gathering to be held in Dulce in March, 2009:

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