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by Norio Hayakawa
January 5, 2009

A curiously (and perhaps, occultically) designed school building in Dulce, New Mexico may be pointing to a mystery spot high atop a snow-capped unnamed peak exactly 18 miles NE of this sleepy little town.
If one were to draw a vector from what appears to be an "arrow" (as seen from the sky) which is located in the circular driveway of this unique school building, it will arrive at a strange, curvalinear parallelogram etched near the top of an unnamed snow-capped peak exactly 18 miles NE of Dulce.
If you zoom in, you will know what I mean:,-106.96486&z=15&t=h&hl=en

What is interesting about this school building is its curious orientation and its possible aerial symbolism. It may be an apparent aerial directional signpost, according to a Los Alamos scientist who first informed me recently of these fascinating areas. He pointed to me that between the "arrow" and the corner building, there seems to be an "image" of a monolith found in the Tiahuanaco Ruins in Bolivia.
Anyway, if one were to draw a vector from the "arrow" in the circular driveway, it will lead to a parallelogram located near the top of a snow-capped unnamed peak exactly 18 miles away. Once again, if you zoom in, you will know what I mean:,-106.72601&z=14&t=h&hl=en

Is this an interdimensional "portal" of some kind? It is located in an area with high frequency of sightings of strange lights for many years.

Norio Hayakawa

These and more interesting items concerning the town of Dulce, New Mexico will be discussed in the upcoming:

unusual conference in Dulce, New Mexico on March 29, 2009

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