Friday, January 30, 2009

News Release from Philip Mantle

NEWS RELEASE: 30th January 2009.

The US based Mutual UFO Network has dismissed from its
membership the so-called Dr Ronnie Milione.

In 2008 Milione was found to be faking lab reports from the
Brookhaven National Laboratory which were written on behalf of
Dr Ronald Rau.

Dr Rau nor the Brookhaven had anything to do with this and the
lab reports in question -(full report at:

and they were fraudulently manufactured by Ronnie Milione.

Milione has also been unable to provide any proof of his

UK based researcher Philip Mantle also reported Milione to the
US authorities and police to advise them of his fraudulent

Mantle has also contacted a wide variety of UFO and paranormal
organisations in many different parts on the world, but mainly
in the USA, to warn them to beware of Milione and his

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