Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild Oats at Menual and Juan Tabo is closing

I shop at that store at least once a week and I dropped by earlier only to find them packing up the shelves.

Their reason is that according to the local community needs we do not need all three locations. What crap! That Wild Oats is always busy. Now they expect me to drive almost 5 more miles to a different location when I already drive nearly that far? Won't happen.

On the bright side, one of their employees told me that a different natural food store is moving in. They don't know for sure which one yet. Hopefully not Vitamin Cottage, which has a very limited selection. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a Trader Joes, but that is unlikely since it isn't exactly a natural food mart, even though that have lots of natural foods.

Now supposedly they aren't closing until Feb 11th, but there was almost nothing on the shelves today and they were busily packing up what was left. Tomorrow is a 1/3 off sale, but on what?


Crow said...

That's a damn shame. I used to go to that one all the time.

Lesley said...

One of the strange things about it is that they only told the employees a few days before. Also, as far as they knew the store was doing well, they received bonus' every year for improved sales and so on. Makes me think that the chain in having hard times rather than that store.

Anyhow, I hope something good moves in to take it's place.

Atrueoriginall said...

Hi Lesley: I thought you might like to check this out. This is about John Wolfe's website "Wind of the Soul".

He's giddy and really stoked right now because KASA Fox2 recognized his blog on the air. He has a fantastic blog. I've posted every single one of his articles going back to 2007 as well as his Season of Shadows website articles.

Anyway, I didn't know if it was something you would be interested in posting for Land of Enchantment but just in case here's the info.

Wind of the Soul
Season of Shadows

John is an absolutely super guy.

Lesley said...

I follow season of shadows, but I never knew about that other blog -- thanks for mentioning it!

Atrueoriginall said...

About a year ago he took all of his articles that were not horror oriented and moved them to Wind of the Soul. He didn't really mention it enough times because I didn't know either and just tripped over the new blog one day.

What remains at Season of Shadows now is everything of a horrific nature. My favorite Halloween blog that's for sure. But the wisdom went elsewhere since the two didn't mince well anymore as you can imagine.