Sunday, March 29, 2009

Report: Dulce Underground Base Conference

The first “Underground Base Conference” is wrapped. Right near this small town on the Jicarilla Apache reservation land may be located one of the most infamous legends in UFO history: the Dulce base. About 100 people (organizers expected 20-30) showed up for the one day event, which almost didn’t happen.

Just after the proceedings started at 10AM in the hotel bar, the management told organizer Norio Hayakawa that no more people could be stuffed into the room without a fire code violation. About 20 people stood outside the door, trying to hear former rancher Ed Gomez’ talk about the 20 year history of cattle mutilations on his family ranch near Dulce. The problem with destroyed cattle became so bad that the family was forced out of the beef business. Gomez contends that the problem has zero to do with aliens and much to do with biological warfare and contamination of livestock. He also spoke favorably about Paul Bennewitz and his early visits to Dulce and the Gomez ranch. Gomez urged the few area residents who were at the conference to stand up for their rights and ask the local and national authorities what has been going on in this small community for over 30 years.

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