Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extremely bright slow moving tear drop

Sunset, while in a park in Santa Fe New Mexico, an extremely slivery bright light tear drop shape high in the sky to the west. Did not appear to be a weather baloon. Changed from bright silvery light to orange over about an hour. Later changed from tear dropped to round. A loooong distance away and high. One man watching with me said he had seen what he thought was the same object when he went to work 12 hours earlier at Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico, before sunrise. Located at approximately the same position in the sky. High up and a long way away. Some clouds moved in but you could still see the bright round shape through the thin clouds. I went home and could no longer see the object due to buildings. Definately not the moon.Will look at the same location today....it is cloudy so probably not able to see.

UFO Stalker

I hate to burst bubbles, but I witnessed this too and I am very confident in saying that it was just a weather balloon.


Asad said...

Not a "weather balloon", per se: It was a balloon-borne ultraviolet telescope. The balloon itself is MUCH MUCH larger than a typical weather balloon. With its diameter of roughly 400 feet, it can be seen at extremely high altitudes (120,000 feet in this case) and great distances.

Lesley said...

Cool! Thanks Asad!