Friday, January 1, 2010


I kept seeing people tweeting about eating Hopin' John today. I had to look it up and it turned out to be a traditional new years, rice and beans dish in the coastal south. My family was from KY and we also had a traditional New Years dish which was the last of the Christmas ham, along with pinto beans and I am not sure what else my grandmother put in there because as a child I hated beans and never ate it. Actually, I still don't care much for beans.

The traditional new years dish here in NM and probably most of the southwest is not ham and beans, like my family had, but posole. Posole is a dish normally made with red chili, hominy and pork and it is quite tasty. I was going to make a pot of it today, but it slipped my mind to buy ingredients for it when I was at the grocery yesterday. I will still make a pot sometime this week though. No need to miss out on such a tasty tradition.

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