Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come and enjoy the Fair, except on Monday or Tuesday

You all know that I mostly put up with most of the stupid ideas that come up in the state of NM.  However, closing the State Fair on Mondays and Tuesdays is even beyond that normal stupidness.  It is suppose to be a "cost cutting measure."  I have no clue how they figure that.  I almost always go to the fair on a Monday or Tuesday, yes, to avoid the crowds, but just because it is slightly less crowded doesn't mean there were not alway plenty of people there.  I have no way to prove it, but I would imagine there were more than enough people there to cover labor and other expenses.  Besides that, who ever heard of a State Fair being closed on Mondays and Tuesdays? - totally ridiculous.  Has there ever been a year that the Fair didn't make a profit?  I don't think so, but if there is - it will be this year.

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