Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roswell 2008 Day 2

In order to bring this wonderful and informative series of reports to you, I was up until 2:30 AM this morning. Know how you will sometimes feel ill if you don’t get enough sleep? And I only had three cocktails last night before locking the hotel room door behind me.

My powerpoint lecture was delivered into the capable hands of Roswell Conference crewman “Mark” this morning at 7. At 9:00, I was back and listening to the last 45 minutes of Karyn Dolan’s lecture on UFOs and the media desensitization of children. Karyn is concerned that children’s programs like Boobah (which is aimed at pre-verbal infants) are planting odd, wrong, and dangerous ideas about aliens into the impressionable minds of the very young. I don’t have children so anything I say would be useless, although my friend and co-founder of The Excluded Middle magazine Robert Larson’s quote about that show might confirm Dolan’s opinion. When he first saw it a couple of years ago, he left a message on my machine: “You know how Teletubbies is like watching TV on mushrooms? Well, Boobah is like a DMT trip.” Watch it sometime and see if he doesn’t have a point.

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