Monday, July 7, 2008

Roswell alien resort sure to be out of this world

ROSWELL, New Mexico– It may seem, sometimes, like they're from another planet, but don't think of Gene Frazier and Thomas Armstrong as space cadets.

The two residents of this city in southeastern New Mexico are planning to capitalize on Roswell's famous UFO past with Earth Station Roswell, a $45-million resort complex featuring a spaceship-shaped hotel, spa, restaurants, shops, sci-fi theatre, concert arena, exhibits, light shows and tropical garden. Just think of it all, they say, as a space station with out-of-this-world technology, left on Earth by aliens.

Since July, 1947 when a mysterious crash happened on the area's Foster ranch – whether it was an alien spaceship or weather balloon has been hotly debated and the subject of many movies – Roswell has become the "Holy Grail" for UFO fanatics, says Frazier, an architect/concept designer and a principal in Earth Station Roswell.

So much so that today through Sunday, 30,000 of them will trek to Roswell for the town's annual UFO festival, which features a UFO parade, alien costume contest, entertainment, book signings, lectures and panel discussions on topics such as alien abductions, alternate theories of UFO origins and talks about the Roswell incident.

And, of course, all those people need a place to stay.

Armstrong, who wrote the business plan for Earth Station Roswell (, came up with the idea originally for a spaceship-style motel/restaurant, but Frazier expanded the idea into a full-blown resort, slated to open in 2010.

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