Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Dulce Conference- after-thought and future impact

I attended this (possibly) once in a lifetime conference of strange happenings in the sleepy little town of Dulce, New Mexico. At first we had to turn people away as the crowd swelled to over 100 +. The Best Western management started to freak out as the bar/lounge started to explode with excitement and a little anger, as the crowd exceeded room capacity. Finally the former public safety director and speaker Holt Verde helped the conference find a more suitable venue next door at the new grocery store. So we stopped the event and physically moved everything across the street. Now in a more comfortable setting, the event continued. Speaker after speaker, some of whom were Jicarilla Apaches, told amazing stories of strange events in the area over the last 50 years and kept the audience in a deep state of attention.
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The Dulce Conference- after-thought and future impact–Is it all True Series #78 @ Truth Seeker Forum

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