Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Dulce, NM Conference

The underground base rumors that have circulated about the facility indicated that there are 7 levels below ground where bio-genetic experiments have taken place involving both humans and extraterrestrials. Some, who claimed to have been there supposedly, witnessed vats containing body and animal parts. The lower level has been referred to as "Night Mare Hall", again because of what was allegedly taking place at that level. An engineer Phil Schneider, referred to actually being involved in a fire fight in 1979 when the drilling penetrated a cavern deep within the mesa, and as a result of the fire fight, 60 bodies were removed after an altercation with aliens. So the rumors have persisted for all these years, with no solid evidence that any of them were factual.

Norio Hayakawa had visited the area several years ago with a Japanese film crew and was detained by the local law enforcement. The Jicarilla Apache are not fond of outsiders encroaching on their land. That did not deter Norio however, and he decided a few months ago to try and organize a conference in Dulce, and invited several researchers and local residents to the conference, which he appropriately named, "Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction", to try and determine if any of the rumors that persisted were true.
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First Dulce, NM Conference

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